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The Precious Keepsake Company was launched by entrepreneur Samantha-Jade, where she sets her pride on providing all services to the highest standard.

Beau Pro Ltd was established in 2015 and although previous to this Samantha’s career was highly focused around Skincare training and managing world leading companies such as Dermalogica, Comfort Zone  and Philips Electronics to name a few, due to her passion and love, she wanted others to experience this wonderful gift and after almost a decade of training for other skincare brands she launched BeauPro Training Academy which offers professional courses to entrepreneurs all over the UK and Ireland with international interest.

Due to offering courses for others to train in Baby Massage and Baby Yoga, and more so as a mother herself, Samantha noticed a gap in the market- there was not one place which offered a variety of pregnancy and baby services. 4 years later after launching Beau Pro Training Academy the doors opened to BeauProBaby, the UK’s very first journey centre where everything is focused around services pre and post baby. BeauProBaby has recently been awarded Pregnancy Care Centre of the Year 2020.

The business is thriving and during its first year of opening Samantha noticed another calling for keepsake items. Sentimental items are the most important to Samantha whether it be something from a family member, offspring or friend. Many people have commented on Samantha’s personalised jewellery which was created using her sons prints, so, she decided to expand the Beau Pro group to include The Precious Keepsake Company, located within BeauProBaby.

All keepsake and memorial items are created with delicate love and care.

This company is all about making others happy and creating wonderful memories which can be treasured forever.