The Precious Keepsake Company’s high grade casting is a deluxe service where we are very passionate about creating the perfect bespoke keepsakes and take our time in ensuring your finished product astounds and leaves nothing but joy and happiness.

Baby casting is such a special experience, as a mum, we often look back and say ‘I cant remember him being that small’, so to cast and treasure those tiny hands and feet youll honestly never forget those precious memories.

We don’t just stop at babies, we also cast adult hands, older children and pets! Our casting options are endless- if we don’t have what you’re looking for listed, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss.

What is 3D Baby Casting?

3D baby casting is where we create a mould of your babies hands, feet or both using a safe and special setting mousse called alginate. Our colour changing (chromatic) alginate is completely safe for use on skin & paws where the main ingredient is seaweed and is also biodegradable. The process is very quick and it only takes around 30-60 seconds for the mould to set. Our alginate also conforms to British Safety Standards (BS 4269 Pt.2:1991) and ISO 1563:1990.

Once the cast mould has been taken, we then fill with quality plaster to capture a beautiful timeless sculpture. Unfortunately you wont be able to see the outcome of the cast right away as we need to leave the plaster to set but this adds to the excitement of the final piece. It is then your choice as to how you wish for the casting to be finished with our choice of options.

There is no age limit and we can even cast babies from just 2 days old.

For impressions we recommend from 3-4 weeks old.

If you choose to have an impression, we use a very soft clay which is also pain free and takes only seconds to obtain a print..

Your completed order should be ready in approximately 3-5 weeks.

We do offer home visits but it is much easier for you to visit our studio in Goring by Sea.

Delicately Made With Love In The South of England


If you wish to book an appointment or to see availability please click the button below:

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Hand and Foot Casting

Starting From:

Single: £45.00

*with plaque/framed: £80.00

Double: £75.00

*plaque/framed: 130.00

hand and paw casting.png


Starting from:

1 paw: £45

1 Hoof: £75.00

Hand and Paw: £79.00

couples hands.png

Couples Hands

Starting from:


family hands..png

Family Hands

Starting from:

Family of 3: £170.00


Family of 4: £200


Family of 5: £220


Family of 6+ from £250

3 linked hands.png

Family Hands Linked

Starting from:

Family of 3: £200


Family of 4: £240


Family of 5: £290


Family of 6+ from £350

love casting.png


Starting from:


We have many other casting styles and happy to discuss your ideas.

For a quote please feel free to contact us.

You can also book an appointment directly by clicking HERE

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Pregnancy Bump

Starting from:



Single Imprints

Starting from:


hand and foot.png

Double Imprints

Starting from: