How to take Hand and Footprints

You can add online to your order an Ink-less Wipe that we will send to you which includes:-

A sheet of specially coated card.

One ink-less wipe

Detailed instructions.

Pre-paid returns envelope.


All you need to do is gentle wipe the hand or foot with the ink-less wipe and gently but firmly press it onto the A4 card making sure that you press each individual finger or toe onto the card so as to obtain good contact. Lift the hand or foot away, and watch the image appear within a matter of seconds.

You can repeat this process 2, 3 or 4 times until you obtain a print you are happy with, don't worry about any smudges we will digitally remove these.

These are also safe to use on pet paws.

You can either scan and send back to us, or, send it back through the post.


Can you only used babies hand and footprints?

No, any size hand or foot print can be incorporated into the Silver, We scan and miniaturise the print to fit exactly onto you chosen piece of Jewellery. So it really doesn’t matter the size of the feet.


How much of the detail will appear?

As the impression is miniaturised to fit onto the item, super fine lines a small detail will not show. However larger lines and creases will appear, plus the detailed shape of the fingers and toes.


How do I take a fingerprint?

Ideally our fingerprints in silver are best in the clinic as it adds a special personal touch. If, however you cannon attend the clinic and wish to order online the best way to obtain a finger print is to:

  1. With a pencil draw and fill in a box on a piece of paper

  2. Lightly rub your chosen finger for the print over the pencil box

  3. 3 press your finger onto the sticky side of sticky tape and stick the sticky tape sticky side down on white paper- you should be able to see clear finger print marks, if not and its too dark, press again or repeat until you have a clear image.

Feel free to email us to check you image is ok before ordering.


Can you put my childs drawing onto a keyring?

Yes, absolutely. If your child has created a drawing that you would like on a piece of silver, we ask that this drawing be on a white background. Please don’t send us the original, if you can please scan the drawing through to us. We then minimise the image to fit onto the silver piece of choice.


How much should I send in for ashes?

Don’t send it all in case it’s lost in the post, keep some behind incase we need to request more incase of a postage issue.

Adult and pet cremations ashes, roughly ¼ of a teaspoon for 1 piece. If you wish for several items, for family members, to be made ½ teaspoon would be ideal.

If you add the ashes sending kit to your order we will send you out a little pot, or, if you wish, you could send the ashes to us in a clean pot- be sure not to over fill as it could spill out when opened.


If sending a child or baby ashes, please only send a small amount, a pinch is perfect.


What happens to the ashes that aren’t used?

We promise to return any amount that is unused in the securely sealed pot they arrived in.


Can you combine ashes from two or more people, or pets?

Yes of course, if you wish to send the ashes separately please let us know so we can send separate pots in the sending kit. Or, they can be combined in a pot together.


What if the urn I have is sealed shut?

Please do not order if you are unable to access your loved one’s ashes due to family wishes and sealed containers/urns.

We are unable to cancel an order because an urn is sealed shut so please check first.


A crematorium or funeral home may be able to help you unseal an urn and take out the ashes needed and you may be able to order directly through them


How much hair or fur should I send?

Minimum length of an inch, the longer the better up to 10cm

If you wish to send us a picture beforehand you can do so we can say either too much or too little



How should I send in hair or fur?

•Tie the hair/fur with a little bit of cotton to keep it together and curl it into the pot or separate envelope

•Please don’t fold the hair in tinfoil, don’t use sticky tape/Post-It notes as the hair will kink or stick and be unsuitable for use

•Hair/fur from two or more people and pets can be combined, but let us know their names in advance so we can send two or more pots (we don’t charge extra to use a little of both in one piece)


How do I obtain hair/ fur?

With a comb, part the hair at the back of the head and pick up a very thin slice of hair to cut so as not to get a bald patch, this YouTube video gives a great explanation (click here). Then cut a few of the strands at the root for short hair or 10cm for long hair.


You can send us some of your baby’s first curl or hair from the first haircut. If your child is having a haircut, ask the hairdresser to remove some hair as if they were doing a colour strand test (they will know what that means) instead of sending the split ends, it’s easier for us to work with if possible. The ideal length is between 2cm and 10cm (1-4″) but we can work with very short hair… please browse the galleries on all of our lock of hair pieces. If your child’s hair is white blonde, it may or may not be visible in the resin, please see this gallery of light and grey hair.


Stillborn baby hair

You can ask your midwife or the people who are caring for your baby before or after passing to gently snip some of your baby’s hair, making sure that they can take enough for you to send some for jewellery and are able to keep some back. They will often offer to do this for your memory box but it can help to remind them.




If your companion is with the vet after being put to sleep, you can ask them to take an amount for you. Show them this page if you like, so they know you need enough to keep back and enough to send us.


Horse hair

We can work with mane or tail but will only need a few short strands, the finer they are the easier they are to work with. 5cm is the ideal length.

If possible please wipe each strand with an alcohol wipe or a little vodka on a cotton wool ball, or pop a note in with your kit to say you would prefer us to do that for you.


**Please remember not to send all you have incase it gets lost in the post


How much umbilical cord or placenta should I send?

An orange seed size amount is plenty of cord

Half a capsule of placenta powder


Cord or placenta from two or more babies should be sent in different labelled pots, please let us know their names before we send the kit so we can send additional (we don’t charge extra to use a little of both in one piece)


Please do not send the cord clip, use a pair of scissors to carefully cut a little off for us


stillborn baby umbilical cord and placenta

It’s important that anything we work with doesn’t have formaldehyde or other chemicals in it, and that cord and placenta were frozen ASAP. It’s important that you please ask for this before they use chemicals because we would have to decline your order if they have which can be devastating, drying the piece would be harmful to you.

Once you have umbilical cord/placenta dried please follow the instructions above.


Don’t send it all in case it’s lost in the post or we need you to send more!


How much Breastmilk should I send?

Ideally if you can about 10ml but 5ml is fine- if you don’t have this please contact us to discuss.

Don’t send in all you have as it could get lost in the post


What if my items sent get lost in the post?

We would suggest sending via special delivery at your own cost and you can then supply us with a tracking number if you wish to.

All responsibility for sending lies with you

There is always a risk of items getting lost in the post so please only send a portion of your elements (e.g. half a lock of hair) and keep the other half


It is your responsibility to check your account to make sure we have received it


****designate what you’re sending as “Jewellery Making Item” (you may struggle if you are too specific about what you’re sending)



What can I add to my piece?

Most things can be embedded one way or another. Common items are ash, placenta, breastmilk, material, flowers, gem stones, metal, pictures, …the list is endless! Please contact us to discuss


How fresh does the milk need to be, and can I use frozen milk?

Milk that’s been frozen is fine, and it doesn’t matter how long it has been in the freezer for. Breastmilk that has been kept in the fridge for around a week will be fine but no longer than this. If you suffer with low supply or struggle to express, I would recommend a silicon pump whilst feeding and adding it to a pot in the freezer until you have the 5ml required. Please contact me if you have less than 5ml, I am sure there is always something we can do.


Can you work with colostrum?

Absolutely! Although we would suggest giving that all to baby as it’s the best for them!


Can I cancel an order?

We get started on your order pretty quickly after it is placed to cut down on the amount of time you are waiting to receive your keepsake. If you need to cancel an order please get in touch as soon as possible and we will do our best to get that arranged. If we have already received your inclusions, it is likely we have already started and your order will not be able to be cancelled.


My ring doesn’t fit, what should I do?

We will always provide rings in the size stated by you.

We are more than happy to get the ring resized if we are able to do so. Please send us a message with instructions for the resize and we will get back to you with a quote.

Please be aware not every ring can be resized, and sometimes a new setting will need to be ordered.


My Items changed colour?

If you have a sudden change of colour in the first 6 months, please contact us as this should not happen


How should I look after my jewellery best?

There are certain precautions that you can make to keep your piece looking its best. Dry jewellery is happy jewellery. Ideally all jewellery should be removed for showering, sleeping, cooking, going to the gym, sunbathing, fake tanning etc.

We suggest giving it a gentle clean regularly with a soft toothbrush and washing up liquid. You can also use a jewellery cleaning cloth to remove any superficial scuffs on the metal but please don’t use this on the milk jewellery.


Do your charms fit Pandora bracelets?

Yes, all beads are made with a 5mm hole with a sterling silver bead core



Is the material you use safe for my babies skin?

All our casts are made from a gentle, seaweed based, non-toxic substance called Alginate. This substance is the same as dentists use to make teeth impressions so is safe for the most precious of new skins. All of our alginate conforms to British Safety Standards (BS 4269 Pt.2:1991) and ISO 1563:1990.

We mix the Alginate powder with water to form a paste. The foot or hand is then placed into the paste and left until it sets. It doesn’t take long, approximately 30 - 60 seconds and is perfectly safe for you and your little ones.


What age can I have my baby’s hands or feet cast?

We can cast little ones of any age. The perfect time to capture a memory is now!

Babies can be cast from just 2 days old.

Toddlers are usually the trickiest to cast, as they are old enough to fidget, but still too young to understand that they need to stay still. For toddlers we would recommend doing a joint hand cast, where we can cast a hand hold of parent and child. Although slightly more expensive, this ensures a successful cast of your hands together.


What is the best time of day to take a cast of my baby/child?

The easiest time to take a cast is when the little one is relaxed, perhaps after or during feeding. We always try to ensure the environment is as comfortable as possible. Favourite toys or comforters can also help distract children and keep them occupied whilst being cast.


My baby is fidgety, can you still take a cast?

Even if they are wriggly we’ll still get a good mould. We just make sure they are comfortable, the process is very quick. You will never be able to tell how you baby will be on the day.  Babies will wiggle their fingers and toes and will sometimes kick whilst a cast is being taken.  If this happens on the day we can make a second casting of the foot on the day for free just so we can be sure things turn out perfectly.


Does it hurt to remove the mould?

The substance our moulds are made of remains flexible even when it’s set; all we need to do is pull very gently and the mould comes free.

Generally speaking, the alginate mould won't stick to your skin or your pet's fur, however, we do recommend lubricating hand with lotion or Vaseline, and the paw / hoof with a drop of olive oil, coconut oil or something similar that is safe to digest as animals love to lick!


Do you offer home visits for casting?

Yes we offer free home visits within a 3 mile radius from BN12. Contact us to find out what areas we currently cover and if you are outside we can work out our mileage charge.

If you can get to us that would be ideal incase of any product spillages!


What clothes are suitable for having a cast?

We supply a waterproof apron to keep you covered and clean during the process, but drips do happen! We make every effort to keep tidy, but as a precaution, please wear something you don’t mind getting messy. Also we suggest not wearing tight clothes on the area you are getting cast.  Tights and socks will leave marks that will show up in your final piece.


How do you make babies stay still during the casting process?

We don’t! We just make sure they’re comfortable and even if they are wriggly we get a good mould. The process is very quick and we have little tricks to help us take that mould successfully.


How long does it take to receive my cast?

Casts are usually delivered within 4-6 weeks of the casting session. We will do our best to accommodate a quicker timeframe if needed.


Do you deliver the casts to my home?

We prefer for you to collect them so you can have a look and leave happy with them.

If this isn’t an option, we mostly we use Royal Mail Special Delivery which guarantees delivery the following day by 1pm.

If you are local to our clinic we may deliver them in person.

You will receive a text/email from us the day before to notify you that the package is on its way. For heavier packages we may use a reputable courier company.




How many items of clothing do I need to send?

This may differ depending on the product you are ordering whether it is an adult bear or a child's clothing keepsake, all the specific details you will need will be contained within the description of the item you are ordering however generally, for memory bears, we recommend using between 6-8 baby grows per bear (3-6 months size or larger) 8-10 grows/vests for newborn size. 

We can create an adult bear from one item of clothing or if you would like a more varied pattern then you can send between 2 to 6 items.

Please feel free to make notes with the clothes when you send them about which ones are most important to you.


Can I send you more items if I want to?

 You can send more if you wish, this could be for either a more varied pattern combination, if you specifically want all the items to be included in your memory keepsake or want a certain item of your clothing to be incorporated. You must specify your requirements or which items you want us to use first within your package when your clothing is sent to us. Any items that are completely unused will be returned to you with your completed order.


What do you do if I send you too many items or not enough?

If you want to send more items that we recommend (6-8 items) please include a note when you send them to let us know which ones you want to be used first. If we are able to incorporate all of your items we will, but any items that are completely unused will be returned to you with your completed order. If you haven’t sent us enough fabric to create your keepsake, we will contact you and and ask you to send us a few more items.


What types of clothing can I send?                                                                       

We can work with most types of fabric, all except for really thick items such as leather. 


What condition do the clothes need to be in?

The clothing items you send us should be in a good condition that is suitable for cutting out and re-stitching together. If an item is in a bad condition, too worn or unclean and we think may affect the quality of our final product, we will get in contact to discuss further. If you are in any doubt about the condition of an item you want to send us or have any other questions about them please email us at to check.


How do I send you the clothing?

Please take care when sending your clothing items please pack them securely ideally in a box or plastic, brown paper does tend to tear in the postal system therefore we don't recommend this type of packaging and please always send by recorded delivery to minimise the chance of loss or any damage. We will also let you know when we have received them, this will be to your email provided when you ordered via our website. If you don’t receive your confirmation email, please contact us to check we've received them.


How long until I get my item back?

Once your clothing items are received, your keepsake will be created with the greatest care and sent to you within 4-8 weeks (this occasionally may be a little longer due to high demand) via recorded delivery. If you need your keepsake item before this time, please let us know in the requirements comments box when placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Can my child play with the keepsake?

Your keepsake animal is for you and your child to admire and to treasure, however it is made from used clothing items, although the stuffing used is CE tested the final item itself cannot be CE tested and therefore it should not be treated as a toy. Your child may hold the keepsake to give it a gentle hug, but we advise that they be always supervised whilst doing so.